Rare Win for Private College Unions

NLRB rejects Carroll's argument that collective bargaining for professors would hurt institution's religious identity.

Free Speech at Dartmouth

A student's discussion of Jesus at convocation draws some complaints, but also support for his rights.

Race and Religion

Survey finds that black students are much more spiritual than their white counterparts.

Faith on the Quad

Scholars issue draft "declaration" calling for expanded role of religion in curriculum and student life -- at religious and secular colleges.

Inspired Reinforcements

Scientists plan to work with clergy to fight back against attacks on evolution.

When the Image Is of Jesus

At Radford U., cartoon called "Christ on Campus" sets off debate on free speech and responsibility.

Difficult Separation for Belmont

Inspired by long-lost document, Tennessee Baptists reject plan for independence; fight looms and could spread to other colleges.

Religion in Residence

Unusual dorm is meant to promote spiritual development among students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Religious Rights vs. Gay Rights

Christian group wins federal appeals court victory to keep injunction against Southern Illinois U. enforcing its anti-bias rules.

Church, State and Campus

U. of Wisconsin becomes battleground as Christian groups expand quest for right to receive funds and limit membership.


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