Race and ethnicity

University adds caste to nondiscrimination policy

Brandeis has added caste identity as "a recognized and protected characteristic" in the institution's antidiscrimination policy. The move was made to address caste distinctions among students and faculty members of South Asian descent.

Students at Williams call for a boycott of the English department

Saying that their English department treats race and critical theory as an afterthought, students call on their peers to steer clear of most program offerings.

New study finds discrimination against women and racial minorities in hiring in the sciences

New study finds discrimination against women and racial minorities in hiring in the sciences. The study's about postdocs, but it has important implications for all of academe.

Elizabeth Warren and the pressure to justify academic success

Why did Elizabeth Warren divulge her genetic test results, which show she is in fact part Native American, while simultaneously insisting that she's always been evaluated professionally as a white person?

After probe of president, Boston architecture college personnel wonder: What next?

Amid reports about jokes and comments viewed as insulting or worse, Boston Architectural College faculty and staff members get few answers after closely guarded investigation of president results in minor changes.

New report grades states, public universities on black student enrollment, representation

New report from the University of Southern California’s Race and Equity Center grades public institutions across the country.

College completion rates vary by race and ethnicity, report finds


On average, white and Asian students earn a college-level credential at a rate about 20 percentage points higher than Hispanic and black students do, a new report shows.

Study finds negative diversity experiences affect student learning


Study finds students' negative diversity experiences, though less common than positive ones, hinder cognitive development and student learning. 

Dartmouth professors test new way of measuring student interest in diversity


Two professors seek new way to measure what students want. Initial results suggest that some minority groups may be more highly valued than others, such as Asians.

Ed Dept. ratings framework ignites new questions over adjusting student outcomes

The Education Department's ratings framework embraces the concept of adjusting outcomes for student demographics -- an approach that would be unusual for the federal government but that isn't without its critics.


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