Race and ethnicity

Asking Tough Questions

Montana State U. does some soul searching after 2 former athletes are arrested on murder charges.

An End to Picking One Box

After years of study, Education Department issues plan for colleges to report racial and ethnic data without forcing students to choose one category.

Trio of Lawsuits for 2-Year College

Three Hispanic employees of Rio Hondo Community College -- an institution with large Chicano enrollments -- are charging institution with illegal bias.

Lower Scores, Fewer Students

College Board reports largest drops in SAT scores since 1970s as well as a decline in test takers, apparently from low-income groups.

Diversity Up for Grad Students

Enrollment increase is led by gains for women and African Americans.

Higher Ed 2015

Education Department releases enrollment predictions, showing slowing college growth rate and continued prevalence of women.

Progress, But Only Partial

Enrollment of black freshmen at U. of Kentucky rebounds from last year's drop, but officials know harder work is ahead.

Justice O'Connor's Deadline

When Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's Supreme Court decision three years ago upheld the use of race in admissions, most college officials were jubilant. Absent the use of some preferences, colleges said, competitive institutions would experience a sharp drop in black and Latino enrollments.

Fighting Back for Black Colleges

In strategy shift, advocates plan new litigation to force federal officials to challenge state policies on programs and funding.

Chicago Bolsters Minority Numbers

After years of ebbing black enrollment, university's freshman class hits record high -- and 2nd-highest total ever for Hispanic students.


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