Race and ethnicity

Who are first-generation students and how do they fare?

Research finds varying definitions of "first generation" result in big differences in how these students are counted -- but however they are defined, they lag behind their peers.

Administrators face pushback in attempt to update Richmond's annual Ring Dance

U. of Richmond faces praise and criticism for trying to change a tradition that resembles a debutante ball.

U. Colorado System survey examines political climate and attitudes

Controversial survey of political climate at University of Colorado finds (to no one's surprise) that conservatives are in the minority, but also found that 96 percent of students believe their instructors promote respectful classroom environments.

Author discusses new book on 'strategic diversity leadership'


Author discusses new book on the steps colleges can take to diversify and be inclusive.

Interview with the author of new book on Mexican-American students

Author discusses new book on the challenges facing Mexican-American students.

Clemson's computer science department boasts 10 percent of black professors nationwide

About 10 percent of black computer science professors and Ph.D. students nationwide are at Clemson, thanks in large part to the work of one professor.

Chair discusses hopes for new federal panel on black students


Chair of new federal effort to promote black educational attainment says that focus on data and accountability could yield much-needed results.

Women in high-income families outpace their brothers in college

Girls of most racial groups are outpacing their brothers in attaining college degrees by almost 15 percent, a University of Michigan study shows.

Sweet (or Bitter) Taste of Controversy

Bake sale at Berkeley -- with race-based prices -- attracts attention, but most of it has been about the political theater, not the affirmative action bill that was the target of the event.

Degrees of Wealth

Georgetown study explores correlations between degree attainment and lifetime earning power.


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