Race and ethnicity

Sweet (or Bitter) Taste of Controversy

Bake sale at Berkeley -- with race-based prices -- attracts attention, but most of it has been about the political theater, not the affirmative action bill that was the target of the event.

Degrees of Wealth

Georgetown study explores correlations between degree attainment and lifetime earning power.

New Voice for Asian Students

The "model minority" myth notwithstanding, many Asian students need help succeeding in college. A new association wants to make sure they get it.

California's Gaps

The report's language is unambiguous: "At every step -- eligibility, admission, enrollment, and graduation -- Hispanic and black students fare worse than white and Asian students in the University of California System."

For the California State University system, Hispanic students are underrepresented. And while the state's community colleges do reflect the ethnic and racial mix of the state's high school graduates, Hispanic and black students are less likely to transfer to four-year institutions than are white students.

How Educated We Are

Annual data from the Census Bureau point to continuing disparities in degrees.

Unequal Progress

College participation rates for young adults are increasing for most demographic groups, but so are the gaps between some groups.

Who They Are and Where They're Going

As enrollments at American colleges continue to soar, vaulting past the 17 million mark in fall 2002, students grow ever more likely to be black or Hispanic and female and to attend community colleges or for-profit institutions, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Education Department.

A Covenant With Students

Chapel Hill starts to see success with its program to enroll those at the lowest income levels.

New Strategies on Diversity

Presidents say longstanding classroom practices may need to change if colleges are to succeed in educating more minority students.

Hoax at Trinity International

A black female student is charged with sending threatening notes that led the university to evacuate minority students.


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