Race and ethnicity

The Decline of Affirmative Action

New data document dramatic drop -- especially at public institutions -- in percentage of colleges that consider minority status in admissions.

Which Box to Check?

Some multiracial students say they feel pressure to choose a single racial identity.

Demographic Dislocation

A new study documents huge changes that the loss of affirmative action would have at elite colleges -- for all but white students.

2 Years Later

The Supreme Court allowed affirmative action, but new report blasts Education Department for discouraging it.

Chicano Ph.D. Pipeline

To encourage more doctorates, report suggests that the first place to look may be community colleges.

Without Merit

U. of California pulls out of national scholarship program in which PSAT scores alone determine the semifinalists.

Aid for the Rich?

New research links increases in National Merit Scholarships to declines in low-income enrollments.

College for Illegal Immigrants

Texas figures show that granting in-state tuition rates makes a big difference in enrollments -- especially at community colleges.

Women, Minorities and the Sciences

Study finds National Science Foundation programs have made a difference, but urges focus on community colleges.

Anti-Urban Bias?

New research asks why the community colleges most likely to serve low-income students are likely to receive less money.


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