Race and ethnicity

Latino Students and Colleges

Number of Hispanic-serving institutions increased 80 percent in 8 years.

Pathways for Indian Student Success

Student affairs specialists promote ideas for helping a diverse population succeed.

Anger and Consequences

Amid rape allegations, Duke suspends lacrosse season -- and experts consider lessons and warnings for other colleges.

Diversity Debate at Lehigh

Low minority enrollments trigger series of protests and considerable campus discussion.

A New Faith at Catholic Colleges

Muslim students arrive in significant numbers -- ready to engage in campus life while maintaining their own identities. 

Finding the Leaks in the Pipeline

Minority students' dropoff in science and math persistence occurs later in college years, new study suggests.

More Degrees for Black Athletes

Study finds significant improvements in graduation rates -- although gaps remain.

Surge in Latino Activism

Movement against immigration restrictions spreads from high schools to colleges.

How Much Does Price Matter?

A study of college access in one key state raises questions about the interplay of cost, race and geography.

'African-American Men in College'

When educators discuss their greatest diversity challenges these days, many focus on the recruitment and retention of black male students. At many campuses, two-thirds of black students are female, and the lack of black men raises all sort of troubling questions.


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