Professor says AU Cairo wronged him in canceling his chair after he resisted donor's demands


A religion professor at the American University in Cairo says the university had no right to revoke his chair title after he resisted a donor's demands that he teach Islam in a preferential manner.

Anti-Semitic incidents surge on college campuses after Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Since the deadly shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October, campuses have seen a rise in displays targeting Jews.

Lawsuit highlights Jewish students' frustrations with San Francisco State


Lawsuit charges San Francisco State allowed anti-Jewish discrimination, not intervening when events were disrupted, and that some students feel scared to walk around campus.

Jewish professors at Wheelock College say they were subject to campaign of harassment


Jewish professors at Wheelock College say they were subject to campaign of harassment after suggesting that Jewish students are underrepresented in campus life.

Months later, Oberlin suspends professor who made anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook


Oberlin once again changes its stance toward Joy Karega, suspending the professor pending an investigation into her remarks on social media.

University's action over student who posted a swastika on a bulletin board sets off international debate

George Washington U is taking action against Jewish student who posted a symbol he brought back from India. Other campuses are accused of not doing enough about the hateful use of the image.

UCLA student government questions judicial board nominee for being Jewish


UCLA student government panel, interviewing candidate for judicial post, initially rejected her for being Jewish and involved in Jewish groups.

Adjuncts at Lutheran university win right to unionize

NLRB official, rejecting stance of Pacific Lutheran U., says non-tenure-track faculty members have right to vote on collective bargaining.

Iowa State cancels class on Biblical insights for business

After a faculty campaign, university calls off a class on applying the Bible to business.

Judge denies Louisiana College's motion to dismiss a discrimination case


Case involves an allegation that Louisiana College wouldn't hire a coach because of his Jewish heritage.


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