Methodist colleges and seminaries react to church vote strengthening prohibitions on gay clergy and same-sex marriage


Vote by United Methodist Church body to strengthen prohibitions on gay clergy and same-sex marriages disappoints Methodist higher education institutions and raises difficult questions.

Franciscan U bans a book that portrays the Virgin Mary as sexual and ousts the department chair who taught it

Roman Catholic colleges have some of the most open curricula among religious institutions. But that didn't stop Franciscan University from banning a book that portrays the Virgin Mary as sexual -- and ousting a department chair for teaching it.

Former Taylor University professor sexually harassed women for decades, survivors allege

A Taylor University professor who resigned amid allegations he sexually harassed women had been accused of behaving inappropriately for decades at professional conferences. But organizers kept asking him back.

Education Department to revisit regulatory restrictions on religious colleges

Department offers few details in release of regulatory agenda, and some say review may be as much symbolic as substantive.

Liberty and Bob Jones Universities may run afoul of Obama Title IX protections for LGBT students

Obama administration guidelines for LGBT student protections under Title IX remain in place, and the student codes at Liberty and Bob Jones Universities appear to violate them.

Christian college leaders urged to embrace religious (and other) pluralism

At annual conference in divided nation’s capital, speakers urge presidents of Christian colleges to join (and lead) efforts to embrace, and work through, fundamental differences.

UC Irvine moves to reject endowed chair gifts from donor with strong opinions about the study of Hinduism

UC Irvine moves to reject gifts for endowed chairs from group that has strong opinions -- too strong -- about the study of Hinduism and a desire to influence who would be hired.

Furor over holiday party advice at U of Tennessee grows there and spreads


U of Tennessee's advice on holiday parties sets off major political debate in the state, and criticism is spreading to other institutions. Some see a broader attack on diversity efforts.

Bethel in Indiana: Faculty members can no longer take leadership roles in groups that differ with biblical inerrancy

Bethel College tells faculty members they can't take leadership roles in groups that differ from church view on creation. Are Christian colleges cracking down on supporters of evolution?

Research documents shift in relationship between college education and religious affiliation

Research finds that, starting with those born in the 1970s, people with college degrees are more likely than others to have religious identification.


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