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Christian college sues over Biden Fair Housing Act directive

College of the Ozarks argues that the Biden administration’s interpretation of the federal fair housing law forces the college to “open female showers, restrooms, and dorm rooms to biological males who assert a female gender identity.”


Judson College closing amid enrollment and debt woes

The Baptist women’s college had only 12 new students committed to attend in the fall.


A Lutheran college in Portland will close after the spring 2020 semester

Concordia University in Portland, Ore., announced it will be closing at the end of the spring semester. While the university had grown its graduate enrollment, it cited the changing nature of higher education as a reason for its closure.


Proposed split of United Methodist Church over LGBT issues is welcomed by Methodist college leaders

A proposed split in the United Methodist Church could be good news for colleges that struggled with whether to retain their church affiliation following the adoption of anti-LGBT policies.


Governance dispute at Saint Anselm College pits members of the founding religious order against the board

A lawsuit at Saint Anselm is centered on the question of powers held by members of the religious order versus those held by the Board of Trustees.


SMU sued for amending governance documents to separate itself from church authority

Church body files suit after Southern Methodist amended its governance documents to separate itself from church authority. The move follows actions by the United Methodist Church to strengthen prohibitions on same-sex marriage.


Professor resigns from Louisiana College over its lack of response to an offensive sermon

Scholar at Louisiana College says administration has refused to act after dean said women have turned their bodies into a "crack house" and advised female students to "mow your lawn."


Gordon College eliminates 36 positions, announces cuts to many liberal arts majors

Gordon College announces cuts to majors, consolidating history, philosophy and political science into a single department and eliminating stand-alone majors in chemistry, foreign languages, physics and other fields.


Methodist colleges and seminaries react to church vote strengthening prohibitions on gay clergy and same-sex marriage


Vote by United Methodist Church body to strengthen prohibitions on gay clergy and same-sex marriages disappoints Methodist higher education institutions and raises difficult questions.


Roman Catholic colleges are rescinding honors to bishops involved in sex abuse scandal

Roman Catholic colleges are rescinding honorary degrees and renaming buildings in response to grand jury investigation into sex abuse and cover-ups. Marquette's former president asks that building honoring him be renamed.



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