Religious colleges

Right to Discriminate Upheld

N.J. court says Seton Hall can deny recognition to gay group -- even though the Catholic college's anti-bias rule includes sexual orientation.

Freedom of Digital Religious Expression

The first Jesuit-led new media program gets under way at Fairfield University.

Conceding Defeat at Shorter

Trustees acknowledge that their fight to stay independent is over and Georgia Baptist Convention will regain control.

'Old Main'

For most of American history, small colleges have been "the defining core of postsecondary opportunities" for students, writes Samuel Schuman in Old Main: Small Colleges in Twenty-First Century America, just published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Restored Faith at Baylor

University is reassuring professors concerned about fundamentalism while also restating its religious mission.

Doctrinal Differences

Professors at Catholic colleges attacked for their stances on Schiavo case.

Rare Win for Private College Unions

NLRB rejects Carroll's argument that collective bargaining for professors would hurt institution's religious identity.

Calling Off Ann Coulter

Harding U. cancels invitation to conservative commentator after alumni call her un-Christian.

Women Need Not Apply?

EEOC suit adds to view of many at Newman U. that president doesn't want female candidates for key jobs.

Limiting Aid to Private Colleges in N. Dakota

North Dakota attorney general voids law dictating disproportional financial assistance for students at 4 institutions.


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