Worcester Polytechnic Institute clarifies promotion process to full professor and expands the definition of scholarship

WPI wants associate professors to understand what's possible, and offer options that go beyond traditional research.

Study: When it comes to research output, where Ph.D.s get hired matters more than where they trained

New study of computer scientists says that when it comes to research output, where Ph.D.s get hired matters more than where they trained.

New research finds discrepancies in estimates of food insecurity among college students

New research finds that while food insecurity among college students is a serious problem, studies on the issue may not provide accurate estimates of its magnitude.

Federal granting agencies and lawmakers step up scrutiny of foreign research collaborations

Over past 18 months, the White House, federal agencies and Congress have all signaled concerns about theft of sensitive academic research by foreign competitors. Here's what's been happening.

White House executive order prods colleges on free speech, program-level data and risk sharing

President delivers on promise to punish colleges that don't show they guarantee free speech on campus, and includes language on outcomes data and risk sharing. But it's unclear what force it will carry.

Survey asks community college students to detail their challenges

A new survey finds they believe too much work and too little money keep them from graduating. But they also cite problems with online education and parking.

Shutdown deal doesn't mean end of uncertainty for research universities

Top officials at research institutions make case for long-term funding deal and say the effects of the shutdown will last for weeks or months.

State support for higher ed rises 3.7 percent, improves over 2017

Latest annual survey finds state support for higher education rose 3.7 percent in fiscal year 2018-19, up from just 1.6 percent the previous year.

Tufts re-evaluating connections to OxyContin maker

Court filing's allegations prompt an evaluation at Tufts as calls mount for prestigious universities, including Harvard, to reconsider bearing the name of the Sackler family.

Author of recent academic hoax faces disciplinary action by Portland State


Author of a recent academic scam faces disciplinary action by Portland State, for failing to alert his research review board before hoodwinking journal editors with outrageous articles. Many say he's guilty of bad form, but did he commit misconduct?


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