Professors urge UT Austin to lift pause on antiracist study

Professors urge University of Texas at Austin to lift a pause on recruiting participants for an approved study on the effectiveness of antiracist training for white children and parents.


A win for COVID-impacted PIs, especially women


Following criticism that its policy on extensions for early-career scientists disproportionately impacted women, whose careers have already been unevenly affected by COVID-19, the National Institutes of Health changes course.


The future of the academic conference

Pitched the Delta curveball, some scholarly associations turn to online meetings again while others still plan to meet face-to-face in the coming weeks. The groups are rethinking what annual meetings will look like after the pandemic, with implications for equity and accessibility.


Impostor feelings and 'brilliance' fields

Women -- especially women of color -- and graduate students and postdocs are more likely to think they don’t belong in fields perceived to value genius over training, study says.


"Nonessential" research has halted on many campuses

An unprecedented shutdown of academic research underway on many campuses has implications for young investigators still building careers in their fields.


Universities' role in race to develop vaccine for the coronavirus

University labs are joining drug companies in the dash to develop coronavirus vaccines and medications.

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