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College leaders discuss their participation on a federal task force that criticized higher education

College leaders talk about their participation on a federal task force on apprenticeships, which last week issued a report with scathing criticism of traditional higher education.

Public universities band together on completion rates and achievement gaps

New project from land-grant university association will bring 100 institutions together to work on improving student completion rates and closing achievement gaps.

New study pushes back on decades of studies suggesting that scientific productivity peaks early and declines thereafter

New study pushes back on decades of studies suggesting that scientific productivity peaks early and declines thereafter.

Purdue to play key role in Infosys U.S. hiring and training push

University touts new deal to train for IT outsourcing firm’s U.S. hiring push, but faculty balk at lack of control over curriculum.

Purdue U gets into competency-based education with new bachelor's degree

Accreditor approves Purdue's new competency-based bachelor's degree, which blends technical disciplines with the humanities and has a customizable approach designed more for a career than a first job.

Renaming of NYU's engineering school after donors irks some students and faculty

Controversies at NYU and Paul Smith's College point to the potential downsides of agreeing to change a name for a large gift.

Investigation finds UT-Austin president influenced admissions decisions


An investigation of the University of Texas at Austin finds the president likely swayed admissions decisions to aid well-connected applicants. Everybody does it, President Bill Powers said.

Some professors fear Catholic colleges are ignoring call by the pope to focus less on abortion and homosexuality


New pontiff has suggested that church leaders focus less on abortion and homosexuality. So recent actions at Roman Catholic colleges have faculty members wondering if administrators missed the latest from Rome.

As effects of sequester take effect, scientists worry about future of research

Across-the-board spending cuts are prompting scientists across the country to lay off staff, close laboratories and scramble for other sources of funding. Another round of reductions is slated to take effect in the coming fiscal year. 

Duke proposes a mandatory, short video pitch to accompany dissertations

Should universities require graduate students to pare down years of research into a soundbite that can be understood by non-scholars?


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