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When Prayer Reaches the Locker Room

Dispute on whether Iowa State's football team should have spiritual adviser raises issues of church and state at public universities.

The Science Lab Is Flat

Study documents increasing share of papers by American researchers with foreign partners.

'Institutionalizing' Interdisciplinary Research

As interest in interdisciplinary research continues to increase, colleges still don’t have answers to critical questions about the best ways to support and encourage collaboration across the disciplines. How can a department fairly evaluate interdisciplinary research in promotion and tenure decisions, for example? How can an institution raise money for interdisciplinary endeavors within a system designed to fund raise for individual schools and colleges?

Small Group Learning for 14,000 Undergrads

Clemson program tries to involve students in the research process and link them with the same professor for several semesters.

Doing the Distance Thing

Cleveland Clinic's Lerner College of Medicine is reportedly in negotiations to affiliate with Columbia, in New York. Will more hospitals hook up with remote universities?

Making Women Safer on Campus

University of Kentucky takes evidence-based approach to combating violence against women -- and early results are promising.

Update on FBI-College Relations

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Security Higher Education Advisory Board shines (a little) light on its efforts.

Mississippi State in the Silicon Valley

Starkville is a long way from San Jose, but ambitions of two universities are being combined. Many praise creativity of the approach, but some fear impact on California's master plan.

Aiming Higher

Boston U. plans to spend $1.8 billion to raise its stature among research universities. The money will help, but will the university advance only if its competitors stand still?

Flu U

At U. of Michigan, a dormitory becomes a laboratory for a major public health study.


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