Research universities

Lost Dominance in Ph.D. Production

A new study explores just how far the United States has fallen in educating scientists and engineers.

Building Boom in Biomedical Science

More than half of growth in academic research facilities is in biological or medical fields, according to the NSF.

Crash Course

Intensive summer program preps students from low-income L.A. high schools for top colleges -- and will track their progress.

Block That Spam

Public universities can reject junk e-mail without violating the First Amendment, federal appeals court rules.

NYU Severs Ties to TA Union

The only private university to have collective bargaining for graduate students announces a "final" decision to end the practice.

Graduate Science Enrollments Grow

New data show increases for total pool, women, and minority students, but drop in first-time foreign students.

Connected on Campus

New scrutiny for drug researchers at universities over their ties to investment firms.

Former Mich. State President to Lead Land Grant Group

Peter McPherson wants to stress issues of student access and international education.

U.S. Funds for Science Rose 9% in 2003

NIH doubling effort drove increase; Hopkins leads top 20 again, NSF finds.

Central Valley Goes to College

University of California opens a new campus, with ambitions for its students, its interdisciplinary approach and a region.


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