Research universities

Harvard Rethinks Science

Faculty panel unveils plan that would change how professors are hired -- and how both undergrads and graduate students are taught.

Free For All

With expanded federal funding for embryonic stem cell research off the table, institutions are finding their own way.

Summer School Rules

Florida universities consider year-round classes; some experts see idea as wave of the future, but others caution that it's more difficult than it sounds.

Rallying Behind Open Access

Despite opposition from scholarly groups and publishers, provosts of 25 top universities back plan for public databases of research findings.

International Rebound

For the first time since 2002, enrollment of first-time graduate students from abroad is up.

Silver Spoon Admissions

Naming names (not to mention GPA's and SAT scores), new book takes on preferences for the rich and famous -- and alumni children.

Princeton Ends Early Decision

A week after Harvard, another university shifts. Some want trend to grow while others question whether most colleges could or should follow.

The Next Level of Open Source

Going a step beyond free course materials, Yale will put videos of selected courses online -- available free to anyone.

Does Tobacco Money Taint Research?

U. of California urged to bar grants from cigarette companies. Both sides say academic values are at stake.

When Knowledge Overtakes a Core

MIT plan would broaden science requirements, encourage study abroad and curb AP credit -- moves that could be influential nationally.


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