How College of New Jersey rethought faculty work with student success in mind

How the College of New Jersey reimagined what professors can do.


Research funding is morally permissible as long as it's legal and without strings attached, ethicist argues

Unsure about accepting research funding from a morally contentious source? An ethicist weighs in.

Almost no education research is replicated, new article shows

New analysis finds that education researchers, unlike scholars in many other disciplines, don't check one another's work.


UC System reconsiders policy barring discrimination against non-American researchers

With research dollars scarce, the University of California is "re-examining" a longstanding policy that prevents discrimination against researchers who are not American citizens.

Research shows professors work long hours and spend much of day in meetings

New research finds professors spend considerable time in meetings and on administrative tasks, and much of their time alone.

Panel proposes 'radical changes' to culture of scientific research

The culture of scientific research needs a major shakeup to tackle the challenges facing society, a new report asserts.

More universities use drones for research, but privacy concerns remain

As tension over drones is rising, so too is their use among academics. The unmanned vehicles' potential for research is huge, but privacy concerns remain.

Effects of sequestration are already felt at colleges and universities

Mandatory budget cuts are scheduled to take effect March 1. This time, colleges fear it might actually happen, but have little idea how the cuts would be applied.

Med schools are a target for universities seeking prestige and new revenues

Several prominent universities, driven by revenue and prestige concerns, are building or merging with medical schools at a furious pace.

UT-Austin scrutinizes ethics of controversial same-sex parenting study

UT-Austin launches administrative inquiry into integrity of controversial study about children of same-sex couples.


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