Push for Performance

Texas board wants to change funding formulas for universities and community colleges; faculty leaders question priorities and fairness of plan.

Wising Up on STEM Completion

A new online tool created by Arizona State researchers aims to increase retention of women in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

Technology and the Completion Agenda

With a chorus of influential voices calling for colleges to enroll and successfully graduate more students, data analytics is center stage.

Setting State Targets

As the "completion agenda" advances, systems of community colleges are agreeing on ambitious goals for increasing number of graduates. Are the plans realistic?

'Living as They Live'

To invoke the image of a typical residence hall at a public university is to conjure pictures (or memories, perhaps) of cinder block high-rises packed with students living cheek-by-jowl for maximum cost efficiency. In recent years, however, a small but growing number of public universities -- from the University of California at Berkeley to Appalachian State University -- have installed faculty members in residence halls to live among students.

Complex Measures of Success

Voluntary accountability system for community colleges releases first draft set of standards for small group of two-year institutions to test.

Dream On

Critical evaluation of influential community college student completion initiative suggests that understanding barriers to success is not enough to solve them.

Is Completion the Right Goal?

Policy experts debate the merits of current goal-driven higher education policy; some argue colleges should focus on attainment over completion and numbers instead of rates.

The Power of the Nudge

Study finds that academic and life coaching has a notable influence on student persistence -- especially for males.


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