Papers urge institutions to think about adjuncts, including in terms of retirement

New papers from TIAA Institute urge institutions to plan for adjuncts, including their retirement concerns, with equity in mind.


Retiring president reflects on 31 years at William Woods University

Jahnae Barnett reflects on her three-decade tenure as president at William Woods University as she prepares to retire at the end of the calendar year.


Retirement plan lawsuits could be just the beginning

As lawsuits allege major universities dropped the ball in running their retirement plans, experts believe more institutions will find themselves in the crosshairs.


Furor at Mount St. Mary's over president's alleged plan to cull students

President's plan to weed out some students soon after they arrive -- and his alleged metaphor for the plan -- set off furor at Mount St. Mary's U.


TIAA-CREF survey reveals adjuncts' concerns about having enough savings in retirement

TIAA-CREF survey reveals adjunct faculty members' concerns about having enough savings to retire. Experts say the situation for most adjuncts is even more dire.

Student debt increasingly trails Americans into retirement, U.S. report says

Older Americans are increasingly burdened by federal student loans -- and they struggle to repay the debt at much higher rates than their younger counterparts, a new government report finds. 


Study: Older faculty members feel financially ready for retirement, but don't have detailed plans

Professors approaching the end of their careers say that they are ready financially, survey finds, but relatively few have figured out their needs. And younger faculty know they don't have it figured out.

New study shows difficulty of encouraging professors to retire

A new study backs idea that the end of mandatory retirement significantly changed the way professors finish (or don't finish) their careers.

Nursing schools face faculty shortages

With retirements looming, vacancies unfilled and accreditors cracking down, many colleges search for strategies to hire professors in fast-growing field.



Data suggest baby boomer faculty are putting off retirement

New study shows that professors are delaying retirement or not planning to retire at all, due to both professional and economic reasons.


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