Rhode Island

Rhode Island governor proposes two free years of public higher education

Rhode Island governor proposes plan for the state's community college, and for junior and senior years at Rhode Island College and University of Rhode Island.


Rhode Island governor tapped public college foundations to pay for state business

Public college foundations raise money in part to offset tight state budgets. But Rhode Island's governor is tapping foundation money to pay for state business.


Providence College Officials Apologize After Student Gathering

Leaders at Providence College apologized to the public after students gathered near campus, apparently disregarding executive orders from Rhode Island’s governor.

Video appearing on social media showed students along a street near campus Saturday in groups of more than five people, not wearing masks on their faces, WPRI reported. A spokesperson for Providence College said the gathering came after parents organized a parade to congratulate seniors who were living in the neighborhood.

“A parent called the college earlier this week to ask about organizing the parade and we told her that the college could not be involved in the parade nor could we sanction it,” the spokesperson told WPRI in an email. “We asked her to contact Providence Police if this was something parents wanted to do.”

The college’s commencement has been postponed to Oct. 31, but students were slated to receive their degrees Sunday.

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Rhode Island bid to expand free college could offer states a different path forward

An expanded free-college plan in Rhode Island offers an unusual way for a state to promote higher education, giving students the option of either two years of free community college or a scholarship covering their third and fourth years at a state university.


President to Oversee Self

Leader of Rhode Island community college to maintain presidency while becoming commissioner of state’s higher education governing board.
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