Johns Hopkins eliminates Russian program, leaving faculty out of the loop

Hopkins eliminates major. Faculty members say Russia’s growing role in the world makes this a terrible time to do so.

In Hungary and Russia, Western-style universities are under threat

Western-style universities are challenged in Hungary and Russia. Is one university being punished for its ties to George Soros, and another for its gender studies courses?

In Russia, a crackdown on foreign funding and influence

Russian universities want to internationalize, but a broader campaign on foreign funding and influence isn't helping.

New Russian technical university has high aspirations

Russia wants to build a top university, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, from scratch. “Skoltech” enjoys the patronage of politicians and mentorship from MIT, but some fear the “best” is being built at expense of the base.  

Russian politics faces epidemic of Ph.D. plagiarism


Study finds that half of the regional governors with Ph.D.s plagiarized them.

Academic ties grow between Russia and China


Are both countries seeking alternatives to the West?

Experts have doubts on Russia's plans to reform research efforts


Experts question whether new National Science Project will have wide impact beyond creating "a few islands of research excellence."

Russia makes new push on research


Ministry reorganization seen as part of effort to promote research excellence.

Western-style university in Russia is hamstrung as authorities keep denying its license to teach


A Western-style university in Russia is hamstrung as authorities keep denying its license to teach.

Russia focuses on soft power in its international student strategy


Emphasis on soft power leads to focus on those from former Soviet states.


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