Following summer of shootings and protests, campus officials urge unity


After a tense summer nationally, and fearing a return of campus protests, college officials call for a peaceful start to the academic year.

Wright State U drops presidential debate while some Cleveland campuses take precautions


Presidential election events become riskier proposition for colleges amid rising security concerns and financial costs.

Few examples exist of armed civilians preventing mass shootings on campuses

That's the claim of concealed carry supporters, but the evidence is limited and clear examples are few and far between.

Campus police use of semiautomatic rifles increasingly common at colleges

Northeastern University butts heads with local police over its decision to arm campus officers with semiautomatic rifles, but the practice is increasingly commonplace for college law enforcement agencies.

U of Chicago calls off classes due to threat of gun violence and other campus safety developments

U of Chicago calls off classes due to report of planned gun violence; film students arrested in Los Angeles for causing panic with replicas of weapons. UPDATE: Arrest and new details on threat against Chicago.

In two weeks, more than a dozen campuses targeted by threats of violence

In November, more than a dozen college campuses have been targeted by shooting and bomb threats, with many of them threatening black students.

Shootings at six HBCUs in under a month draw scrutiny

No college is immune from gun violence, but historically black colleges and universities may face unique challenges.

Oregon community college is site of third-worst mass shooting at a college campus

At least 10 die and seven more are injured in shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College. It was the third-deadliest mass shooting ever at a college campus.

Prosecutor calls for U of Cincinnati police force to be disbanded and replaced with city police officers

An Ohio prosecutor calls for U of Cincinnati police force to be disbanded after an officer is indicted for murder. But would the city's police force be able to handle law enforcement on campus?

After shooting by campus police officer, university reconsiders campus police force policies

After a University of Cincinnati police officer kills a man, university officials consider reforms to the campus police force.


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