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Archaeology group faces backlash over how it handled known harasser's attendance at meeting


Society for American Archaeology faces major backlash over how it handled a known harasser's attendance at its annual meeting.

A year later the Trump administration's travel restrictions -- opposed by many in higher ed -- are having an impact


Visa data suggest decreases in the number of individuals from countries affected by the travel ban coming to the U.S. as students or for short-term business travel, a category that includes travel related to academic conferences.

Anthropology group rejects resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions

Members of the American Anthropological Association narrowly vote down a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions.

Academic, library and technology groups criticize new Elsevier sharing and hosting policy

A coalition of academic, library and technology associations criticizes Elsevier's new sharing and hosting policy, saying it undermines open-access initiatives.

Asian Studies scholars debate ethics of holding future conferences in Asia after visa debacle in India


Members of Asian studies group debate whether to continue holding conferences in Asia after India barred Pakistanis from participating in a conference in New Delhi.

Judge dismisses lawsuit opposing American studies group's support of Israel boycott

Citing lack of standing, a federal judge throws out a lawsuit arguing that the American Studies Association breached its contract with members and wasted funds in endorsing the boycott of Israeli universities.

Microbiology society cuts back on small conferences


Decision by the American Society for Microbiology to scale back number of small conferences highlights pressures on the economics of scholarly gatherings.

MLA Delegate Assembly set to debate resolution endorsing boycott of Israeli universities

Members of the Modern Language Association’s Delegate Assembly are set to debate a resolution to endorse the boycott of Israeli universities.

Opponents of Israeli-universities boycott allege bias in report commissioned by American Anthropological Association

As the American Anthropological Association begins voting on a resolution to boycott Israeli universities, boycott opponents allege bias in report commissioned by the association.

Middle East Studies Scholars Discuss the Academic Boycott of Israel

Members of the Middle East Studies Association discuss whether they too should take a collective position on the boycott of Israeli universities.


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