Science policy

Progress Over the Long Term

Report finds significant strides in science education and employment by women, but less progress by members of minority groups.

A Vote for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

U.S. House passes bill to overturn ban on federal funding for promising, controversial studies -- but veto expected.

A Focus on the Physical Sciences

President continues to push for increased spending for NSF and Energy Dept. research, shortchanging NIH, science advocates complain.

Stem Cell Silence

The University of Minnesota resists playing in a cultural tug of war -- yet is squarely stuck in the middle.

Lawmakers Query Bush Budget for Science Education

House hearing on president's 2008 plan renews concerns about shift of funds from National Science Foundation to Education Department.

Science Competitiveness, Bit by Bit

House panel approves bill to bolster physical sciences research, after stripping provisions that bogged it down last year.

Pork Spending Drops Drastically

Watchdog group says this year's dip in Congressional earmarks, a controversial funding source for research initiatives, was a fluke.

Promoting Competition in Ag Research

Senators and scientists consider ways to shift more funds to peer review and away from formulas.

Stem Cell Policy Impedes Research, NIH Chief Says

Key senator applauds Zerhouni's "courageous" statement criticizing White House's 2001 policy.

Bill on Science Teacher Ed Advances

House committee sends scholarship legislation to the floor with few major changes.


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