Science policy

Obama's Pledge to Science

President Obama on Monday made good on his campaign promise to lift the restrictions imposed by President George W. Bush on federal support for stem cell research. At the same time, the president issued a strong statement on the importance of protecting science from political interference -- and pledged that his administration's policies would be based on sound scientific advice and would not impose ideological tests on researchers.

Soothing Speech on Science

President Obama sums up priorities and sets new goal for research and development dollars in address to National Academy of Sciences members.

Seeking Advice on Women in Science

Lawmakers consider impact of role models, athletics, and curriculum in attracting students.

Fending Off Attacks on Social Science

House rejects attempts to bar NSF grants whose titles were mocked by Republican lawmakers.

One-Man Peer Review

In annual ritual, lawmaker questions wisdom of U.S. research grants, this time about spread of HIV in foreign lands. House backs the critic, striking the funds.

You Already Got Yours

In drafting 2010 spending bill for education and health programs, U.S. Senate panel de-emphasizes priorities (such as Pell Grants and biomedical research) that fared well in economic stimulus measure.

Explaining U.S. Research Slide

Paper attributes comparative drop in American university productivity internationally to decline in financial support for public universities.

Leveling the NSF Playing Field

National Science Board urges barring "voluntary" sharing of research costs that is widely seen as favoring wealthier universities in grant competitions.

Hard Science

During a year when finding federal dollars for scientific research was difficult, minority-serving institutions fared worse than academe as a whole, a new report finds.

Computing Surge in Georgia

Peach State program to get students interested in computer science -- and teachers qualified to teach it -- expands within its borders and beyond.


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