Sexual assault

Colleges implement changes to meet Title IX deadline

The regulations for responding to campus sexual misconduct complaints go into effect today. Some colleges are implementing them along with their own guidelines to protect sexual assault victims.

Education Department releases final Title IX regulations

Colleges and universities that receive federal funding must be in compliance with new rules by Aug. 14. The regulations rebalance "scales of justice," Education Department says.

UT Austin will fire professors guilty of sexual misconduct

University of Texas at Austin accepts recommendation to fire faculty members and staff found guilty of sexual misconduct and, in some cases, make their names public.

Appeals court holds university liable for ineffective Title IX policies

A federal appeals court's decision in California puts pressure on institutions to ensure Title IX policies and procedures effectively prevent sexual misconduct.

Federal court decision favors limited application of Title IX

Federal appeals court ruling sets narrow standard for what institutions are expected to do when students commit sexual misconduct.

Universities identify campus-specific sexual assault issues

Nearly all of the universities that participated in a 2019 campus climate survey published their individual results and will be addressing specific problems or challenges identified.

Jury sides with former Boston College student accused of sexual assault

A former college student has won more than $100,000 in the first jury trial since the Obama administration rewrote rules on how college officials should adjudicate campus sexual violence.

New statement from Title IX Association draws controversy

Association of college administrators that deal with campus sexual assaults prompts controversy with a new recommendation not to overrely on the behavior of traumatized victims to determine the veracity of their claims.

Experts say new methods needed to combat the Red Zone on campuses

Colleges try to combat the sexual assaults that spike at the start of each academic year, but experts say many officials don't give students sufficient training to protect themselves or vulnerable peers.

Education Department fines Michigan State $4.5 million for not reporting Nassar crimes

Education Department fines Michigan State $4.5 million for failing to report sexual violence, including abuse of hundreds of women by former team doctor. The penalties signal toughened enforcement of federal disclosure laws.


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