Sexual assault

Suit claims department chair shielded serial sexual predator

Students allege in a Title IX lawsuit filed against Louisiana State University that the chair of the French department protected a serial sexual predator and accused rapist.


Campus safety advocates push for federal emphasis on Clery Act

Campus safety and sexual assault prevention advocates are pushing U.S. Department of Education officials to put more focus on enforcement of the Clery Act.


Pennsylvania leaders fill federal gaps in sexual violence prevention

Pennsylvania lawmakers have continued to focus on reducing campus sexual assaults and funding initiatives throughout the state that support that goal, even as the national program on which those efforts were modeled has waned.


Florida State scrambles to explain alleged abuser's long tenure


Florida State scrambles to explain how a faculty member who was known to prey on Asian female students was allowed to do so for 30 years.


Oregon State places president on probation over ties to LSU sexual misconduct scandals

F. King Alexander will be on probation through June after a report detailed mishandling of sexual assault allegations at LSU, where he was president from 2013 to 2019.


President Biden tells Education Department to examine Title IX rules

President Biden ordered the Education Department to re-examine former education secretary Betsy DeVos's controversial rule on campus sexual misconduct.


Colleges implement changes to meet Title IX deadline

The regulations for responding to campus sexual misconduct complaints go into effect today. Some colleges are implementing them along with their own guidelines to protect sexual assault victims.


Education Department releases final Title IX regulations

Colleges and universities that receive federal funding must be in compliance with new rules by Aug. 14. The regulations rebalance "scales of justice," Education Department says.


UT Austin will fire professors guilty of sexual misconduct

University of Texas at Austin accepts recommendation to fire faculty members and staff found guilty of sexual misconduct and, in some cases, make their names public.


Appeals court holds university liable for ineffective Title IX policies

A federal appeals court's decision in California puts pressure on institutions to ensure Title IX policies and procedures effectively prevent sexual misconduct.



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