Sexual assault

Future of sex-themed Brown party unknown after student organizers cancel it

Student group behind the long-running Sex Power God event at Brown University has canceled it, citing concerns about sexual assaults and other inappropriate behavior.

White House aims to 'fundamentally shift' culture around campus sexual assault

White House aims to "fundamentally shift" thinking on campus sexual assault with campaign on bystander prevention. Some advocates worry it will draw focus away from enforcement efforts.

Student groups unhappy with Columbia's new sexual assault policy

Columbia University unveils a new sexual assault policy, but student groups say the changes don't go far enough to address their concerns. 

College athlete twice accused of sexual assault may play basketball again

On same day U.S. senator released report saying colleges don't take sex assault allegations seriously enough, word leaks that a college is recruiting an athlete who was accused of sexual assault at two other institutions.


Senators debate whether U.S. has enough power (or too much) to combat campus sexual assault

A heated Congressional exchange raises the question: does the U.S. government need more power to hold colleges accountable for handling sexual assault cases, or has it already overstepped its authority?

White House publishes new rules for reporting, investigating sexual assaults

Education Department proposes new federal regulations that would require universities to report incidents of dating and domestic violence as well as sexual assault, and let accusers and the accused have advisers during disciplinary hearings. 

Survey shows female students worry more about assault, gun violence

Female students are more likely to fear for their safety on campus than male students, and are less likely to think their colleges are doing enough to protect them, survey finds.


Senator McCaskill Says Higher Ed Lobbying Group Interfered With Her Sexual Assault Survey

Sen. Claire McCaskill criticizes guidance the American Council on Education gave its members on how to respond to the lawmaker's survey on sexual assault. 

Accusations of sexual harassment at a seminary lead to accreditor visit

Students and faculty members say a president was let off the hook for sexual harassment. Now the accreditors are coming to investigate.

To improve sexual climate, Colgate lets students take the reins

Colgate administrators have let students take the reins on sexual education, and the historically party-oriented campus climate may be improving as a result.


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