Sexual assault

Controversial Georgia sexual assault bill prompts debate on reporting

Georgia legislation that would have forced more sex-crime cases into the hands of law enforcement failed, but marks a growing nationwide debate.

Berkeley again accused of protecting reputation of star professor instead of acting on reports of harassment

Berkeley is again in hot water for allegedly protecting the reputation of a prominent professor instead of acting on reports of harassment against him. The case this time involves John R. Searle, a noted philosopher of language.

Few colleges use controversial sexual misconduct policy adopted by Stanford

Stanford faces criticism for policies requiring a supermajority or unanimous vote when deciding responsibility in sexual misconduct cases. Few other institutions have a similar process.

Will colleges still use preponderance of evidence standard if 2011 guidance is reversed?

If Trump administration changes the rules on colleges’ obligations in adjudicating sex assault charges, will institutions change their policies?

Trump and GOP likely to try to scale back Title IX enforcement on sexual assault

President-elect Trump has offered few details on how his administration might deal with campus sexual assault, but his surrogates and other Republicans say they would scale back enforcement of Title IX.

U.S. says Wesley College violated rights of students punished over sexual misconduct

In rare decision, Education Department finds Wesley College violated law when it ignored its own policies and due process rights of students accused of sexual misconduct.

Approaches to campus sexual assault would differ under Trump, Clinton

Advocates for victims say leaked video of Republican not only points to troubling attitudes but highlights a key difference in the campaign platforms of the candidates.

Stanford's ban on large containers of hard alcohol sparks debate about sexual assault

Stanford adopts policy banning large containers of hard alcohol on campus, leading to criticism that such policies do little to protect victims of campus sexual assault.

Victims, advocates worry about bias in campus hearings

Possible bias during hearing processes continues to be a concern for students reporting campus sexual assault.

Sexual assault victims urge colleges to apologize for mishandling cases

Students who say colleges have mishandled sexual assault complaints demand on social media that colleges #JustSaySorry. Colleges have long been hesitant to apologize, even when found to be at fault.


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