Sexual assault

In harassment cases, could institutions be cracking down on even big-name faculty members?


Higher ed sees a round of faculty terminations and resignations over allegations of sexual misconduct: Could institutions be cracking down on even big-name professors?

Media circus surrounding 'mattress girl' case changed conversation on sexual assault

Case of alleged rape at Columbia first yielded much sympathy for the accuser and her unusual protest, but ends with the university apologizing to the accused. The case has had a lasting impact on the discussion of sexual assault on campus.

After full day of meetings on Title IX, DeVos says improvements needed

Education secretary, after day of meetings on campus sex assaults, says that “many things are not working well.” Advocates fear she will loosen requirements of colleges.

Involvement of groups that have focused on false rape claims at department summit criticized

Women’s groups alarmed that Title IX summit will include “men’s rights” groups that many say minimize reality of rape; statement from key civil rights official -- on which she later backtracked -- casts doubt on 90 percent of campus reports of assaults.

Trump administration civil rights officials promise colleges fairer regulatory approach


Trump administration’s top two enforcers of civil rights laws for education promise college lawyers timelier, fairer treatment, but vow no “retreat” on anti-discrimination enforcement.

Indiana ban on sexual assault offenders applauded, but not adopted elsewhere

Indiana University recently adopted a policy that bans athletes with a history of sexual assault, raising the question why other institutions and NCAA conferences aren't doing the same.

Controversial Georgia sexual assault bill prompts debate on reporting

Georgia legislation that would have forced more sex-crime cases into the hands of law enforcement failed, but marks a growing nationwide debate.

Berkeley again accused of protecting reputation of star professor instead of acting on reports of harassment

Berkeley is again in hot water for allegedly protecting the reputation of a prominent professor instead of acting on reports of harassment against him. The case this time involves John R. Searle, a noted philosopher of language.

Few colleges use controversial sexual misconduct policy adopted by Stanford

Stanford faces criticism for policies requiring a supermajority or unanimous vote when deciding responsibility in sexual misconduct cases. Few other institutions have a similar process.

Will colleges still use preponderance of evidence standard if 2011 guidance is reversed?

If Trump administration changes the rules on colleges’ obligations in adjudicating sex assault charges, will institutions change their policies?


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