Sexual assault

Students turn to Twitter, Facebook with sexual assault complaints

Frustrated with how colleges have handled their claims of sexual abuse, more students are turning to social media to publicize their cases.

Several students win recent lawsuits against colleges that punished them for sexual assault

Colleges lose series of rulings in suits brought by male students accused of sex assault. In stinging decisions, judges fault lack of due process.

Professor discusses his book on being raped

Professor writes about how he was raped as a young man, drawing attention to male victims of a terrible crime.

Harvard's report condemning all-male organizations is in rare company

Harvard singled out its final clubs as especially dangerous places for women. Victims’ advocates and researchers argue more colleges should take a similarly hard look at fraternities.

Student goes public after alleged rapist was assigned 500-word paper as punishment

Student goes public with details on alleged rapist at Gustavus Adolphus, renewing debate over whether respecting privacy lets colleges get away with wrist slapping instead of expulsions.

Colleges frustrated by lack of clarification on Title IX guidance

Colleges say the Department of Education's guidance on campus sexual assault is vague and inconsistent.

Sexual assault allegation shakes student conduct group

President-elect of organization of officials who play key roles in Title IX cases accuses her predecessor of sexual misconduct.

More students punished over sexual assault are winning lawsuits against colleges

Students suspended or expelled over allegations of sexual assault rarely succeed in lawsuits against the institutions that punished them. That's starting to change.

U of Kansas rejects rule change that would prevent fraternities from recruiting high schoolers

University of Kansas rejects a sexual assault panel's recommendations that would change how fraternities and sororities woo new members, saying any rule changes are up to the students.

1 in 4 transgender students say they have been sexually assaulted, survey finds

Same survey that found high rates of female students reporting sexual assault finds that nearly a quarter of transgender students experience some form of sexual violence while in college.


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