Sexual assault

Senator McCaskill suggests 'removing' campus crime disclosure law

At campus safety meeting, Sen. Claire McCaskill says she'd like to scrap the Clery Act, eliciting cheers from campus officers and criticism from some supporters of the campus security law.

Colleges turning to judges in campus sexual assault cases

Some colleges are hiring retired judges to run hearings on sexual assault charges. Is this an improvement?

New survey finds 1 in 5 college women have experienced sexual assault

Federal study showing that 20 percent of college women were sexually assaulted has been widely questioned, but a new national study has the same finding.

Language in sexual assault surveys criticized by students as triggering

Some colleges conducting climate surveys are criticized by sexual assault victims and advocates for the explicit questions. But researchers say such language is key.

OCR letter says completed Title IX investigations in 2014 lasted more than 4 years

Federal investigations of campus sexual assault are supposed to take 180 days, but in 2014, the average length was 1,469 days.

Students accused of sexual assault struggle to win gender bias lawsuits

As more men turn to Title IX to defend themselves from sexual assault accusations by their colleges, they find long odds against them. As a result, some turn to OCR.

New book details U of Montana's, city's mishandling of sexual assault

New book by Jon Krakauer shows how colleges and local law enforcement clash over campus sexual assault.

Brown U. sexual assault investigation draws criticism from accused and accusers

Allegations of mismanaged drug tests and students' questions about the role of money and power lead to scrutiny of a sexual assault investigation at Brown U.

Open letter calls for legislators to reconsider campus sexual assault bills

Student affairs and anticrime groups warn that state legislation designed to prevent sexual assaults on campus is being poorly drafted and could hurt the efforts lawmakers want to encourage.

Dartmouth bans hard alcohol in effort to curb 'extreme behaviors' on campus

President pushes to create house system, ban hard alcohol and fight grade inflation -- all in the name of stopping "extreme behaviors."


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