Sexual assault

Fallout at U. of Virginia after article on a gang rape at a fraternity

Article in Rolling Stone sets off protests and soul-searching at U. of Virginia, and suspension of all fraternities until January 9.

Research universities say they'll conduct sexual assault surveys amid federal pressure

Amid growing pressure on colleges to conduct campus climate surveys, a group of research universities says it will voluntarily implement the tool, which is aimed at gauging attitudes toward sexual violence on campus. 

Colleges turn to campuswide bans of fraternity, sorority parties

Rather than suspend partying at specific Greek chapters after a violation has occurred, some colleges opt for systemwide bans.

With Princeton Title IX agreement, higher standard of proof in sexual assault cases on last legs

Princeton U. did not rush to change the burden of proof in sexual assault investigations, and the Education Department determined that was a violation of Title IX.

Unusual sexual harassment case at Northwestern U. brings out advocates of student indemnification

Unusual sexual harassment lawsuit at Northwestern U., in which a professor is suing a former graduate student who accused him of assault, has sparked debate about student indemnification policies.

Colleges across country adopting affirmative consent sexual assault policies

More than 800 colleges now use "affirmative consent" standard in sexual assault policies, but some worry that the swiftly changing definition could lead to confusion in the dorm room and complications in student conduct hearings.

U. of Wisconsin faces criticism over list of safety tips

UW Madison told students that "if you present yourself as easy prey, then expect to attract some wolves." Many said that advice misses the point when it comes to preventing campus sexual assault.

Both complainants and respondents in sexual assault cases question privacy policies

Privacy is paramount in dealing with sexual assault cases. But is there such a thing as too much privacy?

Should colleges ban fraternities and sororities?

Despite well-publicized moves by a few colleges to curb their Greek systems, at most large institutions and many others, the houses are too central to campus housing, social life and alumni to be seriously threatened.

Wesleyan University orders its fraternities to become coeducational


Fraternities at Wesleyan University now have three years to become coeducational or they'll be kicked off campus.


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