Sexual orientation

Religious colleges see conflict between Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ rights and their religious liberty

Religious colleges say Supreme Court decision finding that federal antidiscrimination law protects LGBTQ employees could open their policies up to challenge.

Proposed split of United Methodist Church over LGBT issues is welcomed by Methodist college leaders

A proposed split in the United Methodist Church could be good news for colleges that struggled with whether to retain their church affiliation following the adoption of anti-LGBT policies.

SMU sued for amending governance documents to separate itself from church authority

Church body files suit after Southern Methodist amended its governance documents to separate itself from church authority. The move follows actions by the United Methodist Church to strengthen prohibitions on same-sex marriage.

UC Irvine coach under fire for antigay slur


In much of higher education, using a slur against a student in a televised event might result in more than just a slap on the wrist. Why is it different if the slur is a way to mock gay people and takes place during March Madness?

Methodist colleges and seminaries react to church vote strengthening prohibitions on gay clergy and same-sex marriage


Vote by United Methodist Church body to strengthen prohibitions on gay clergy and same-sex marriages disappoints Methodist higher education institutions and raises difficult questions.

Trump administration considers plan to end legal status of transgender students


Plan reportedly under consideration would bar any definition of sex other than that designated at birth. Transgender students could lose wide range of rights.

Trump administration reverses Title IX guidance on transgender protections


Administration rescinds guidelines that said Title IX applied to discrimination based on gender identity. Guidelines had been used by transgender students to push for policy changes.

Reed College engages in soul-searching after posters and shouts insult director of 'Boys Don't Cry'

Reed College engages in soul-searching over students’ shouting during lecture by director of Boys Don't Cry, arguing that the acclaimed film should have featured transgender actors.

NCAA will move championship games from North Carolina


State's Republican Party spokeswoman issues response: "I wish the NCAA was this concerned about the women who were raped at Baylor."

U of Tennessee withdraws guide to pronouns preferred by some transgender people

U of Tennessee, facing political backlash, removes guide to language choices that many transgender people prefer and promises review by system leaders before any future guide is issued.


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