The Missing Master's Students

SAN FRANCISCO -- While much of the attention in graduate education focuses on doctoral programs, there are many more students in master's programs. At a time when more credentials are required for more and more jobs, and jobs are in short supply, more people are looking at enrolling.

Waiting for the Call

Sociologists confront “economist envy” and consider their relative lack of influence in Washington.

Cycling Sabbatical

Michigan community college professor bikes across Africa and uses experience to bring broader world view to her small-town students.

Class Advantage

Scholar links the continuing economic divides in enrollments to the "adaptation" skills of the upper classes and the availability of spaces.

'Research Confidential'

For social scientists starting their careers, creating research models that work is crucial. A new book suggests that they may be unaware of problems they face in part because scholars don't share stories of what didn't work on their projects, and how to deal with particular challenges.

Smart Homes

Case Western researchers explore whether high-speed networks can improve health care, public safety and graduation rates in the poverty-stricken neighborhoods surrounding its campus.

Protecting His Sources

Professors organize on behalf of Minnesota grad student, whose academic freedom they believe is undercut by prosecutors' demands that he reveal what he knows about underground animal rights activists.

Anthropology and the Military

At its annual meeting, scholarly association criticizes a Defense Department program that uses social science as a strategic weapon.

Vent No More

Founder shuts down chain of popular sites where "bored" students can post comments anonymously, following racist spam attack.

Sociologists Get Religion

In significant shift over time, issues related to faith get more play in top journals, more scholars make religious issues central to their work, and more are getting outside funds.


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