Provocative Theory on Merit

Research argues that if elite colleges abandoned the SAT, they could have diverse classes without affirmative action.

Sociologists and ACLU Blast Visa Denial

Scholar from South Africa, critic of U.S. policies, is blocked from attending scholarly meeting.

Race (Still) Matters

Amid legal and political defeats for affirmative action, sociologists present new research to illustrate the continuing impact of racial inequities.

Who's Afraid of Incestuous Gay Monkey Sex?

Sociologists -- especially those who study sexuality -- have for years done research that was considered controversial or troublesome by politicians or deans. Many scholars are proud of following their research ideas where they lead -- whatever others may think. But at a session Monday at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, sociologists considered the possibility that some of their colleagues may feel enough heat right now that they are avoiding certain topics or are being forced to compromise on either the language or substance of their research.

Tenure and the Public Sociologist

A growing movement within the discipline raises questions about promotion, peer review, the nature of research and the future of the field.

Pessimistic Views on Academic Freedom

Social scientists are more worried now than during McCarthy era, survey finds. Sociologists consider why and what to do about it.

New Numbers on Underrepresented Faculty Members

Research on women and minorities in the sciences and social sciences examines the entire population of professors at top 100 departments in 15 fields.

Pentagon Provides Details on 'Minerva'

When Robert M. Gates, the secretary of defense, announced plans for the Minerva Consortia last month, he surprised many social scientists. Gates proposed the creation of a series of university-based consortiums to support research on questions of importance to the military, but said that the research would be unclassified and would not be subject to political litmus tests.

Sociology Jobs Plentiful, But Do They Match?

Overall supply of positions suggests new Ph.D.'s have options, but criminology appears more popular with hiring committees than with grad students.

Women in Sociology -- Satisfied, but Not Equal

10 years after they have earned their Ph.D., females in the field are achieving success, but survey finds key gaps in family and professional life.


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