South Africa

Black faculty members will soon outnumber white professors at South Africa's universities


Black academics will outnumber white academics within a decade. But progress has been greater at historically black institutions than predominantly white ones.

Founder discusses plans for a transcontinental university for Africa


Founder discusses his plans for a transcontinental university.

South African universities poised for another battle on tuition


Institutions say they need the revenue, but protests are likely if any increases go forward.

U of Cape Town disinvites speaker for annual academic freedom lecture

U of Cape Town rescinds speaking invitation to Danish publisher of cartoons of Muhammad, citing security concerns and risk of polarization. Polarization ensues.

In South Africa, push continues for free tuition and adequate support

In South Africa the struggle for free tuition -- and fundamental university transformation -- continues after massive student protests.

Vice chancellor discusses push for change at South Africa's University of the Witwatersrand

Adam Habib, vice chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand, discusses how he plans to recruit more black academics without resorting to a freeze on the hiring of white academics.

Scholar documents continuing inequalities in South African higher education


Study finds that class has joined race as a dividing line at universities.

South African academic calls for African universities to resist the priorities of the West


Educators consider how much institutions in developing nations should focus on local priorities as opposed to research agendas that match those in the West.

New index seeks to measure equity in South African universities


New index compares progress at universities in transforming themselves, post-apartheid. Not all academics applaud the tool.

Interview with first female vice chancellor in Zambia

Hellicy Ngambi, the first female vice chancellor at a public university in Zambia, embraces a framework for ethical leadership.


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