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Report: Stark inequity in higher ed funding

It's known that some policies help the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. A new report shows the same pattern is affecting institutions of higher education.

New Cal State chancellor will be first native Californian and first Mexican American in position

New Cal State chancellor, Joseph I. Castro, will thread the needle between consistent priorities and changing times.

State politics influenced college reopening plans, data show

New analysis found that a college's reopening decision for the fall term is tied to the red or blue shade of its state, even if political pressure may not be direct.

Size of state budget cuts becomes clearer

Experts had predicted states would have to cut higher education funding. The scope is becoming clearer every day.

Public colleges face looming financial blow from state budget cuts

Already reeling from the pandemic and recession, public colleges face severe state budget cuts in coming weeks.

Virginia governor looks to curb state aid for online courses

Governor has proposed ending tuition assistance for students who take classes online, drawing intense criticism from Liberty University and its president, Jerry Falwell Jr.

Annual Grapevine survey finds modest continued increases in public higher education funding

All but three states reported year-over-year increases in funding for public higher education, annual survey of state financing finds.

2017-18 academic year had largest state aid increase in decade

A report on 2017-18 state grants and aid shows that grant programs, including funding boosts in Florida and New York, contributed to a significant increase in state aid nationally.

Changing the conversation about “at-risk” students in California

California education law will now refer to those with economic or social challenges as "at-promise" students. Advocates hope the impact will be more than just a semantic shift.

Are states disinvesting in higher education? It depends on the time frame

One report says funding cuts by states to public colleges are a problem; another says they're a myth.


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