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Stamping Out Smoking -- Even Outdoors

To the dismay of some students and employees, Pennsylvania's system of state-owned universities uses new law curbing "indoor" smoking to ban it everywhere on its 14 campuses.

Nevada College Chancellor Asks U.S. for $3 Billion Bailout

With state facing major deficit and painful budget cuts, head of university system says Nevadans are just as deserving as Wall Street firms getting federal aid.

Changing the Tuition Discussion

Public universities issue report on "looming affordability challenge." Analysis finds limited public understanding of college costs and calls for substantially different policies. With a podcast.

(Not Really) Measuring Up

Biennial report on states' performance in higher ed finds small gains in college preparation and completion -- offset by socioeconomic gaps and failure to keep pace with advances by other countries.

Performance Funding 2.0

As higher ed productivity project unveils new grants, several aim to help states more closely tie colleges' funding to their success in getting students through.

New Prerequisites for CPAs

New York and Pennsylvania up the number of courses prospective accountants must take -- leading to significant expansions at many business schools.

Cutting a Program -- to Save It?

In midst of budget crisis, New Jersey lawmakers vote to limit access to popular college aid programs and to require some grant recipients to pick up more of tuition tab.

The States Pull Back

2009 appropriations for higher education could be up by 0.9 percent, but probably will see a decline -- and a sharp drop from 3 straight years of increases in excess of 6 percent.

A National (But Not Federal) Student Database?

Grant from Gates Foundation aims to transform nonprofit clearinghouse into mechanism to track high school students through college -- and, perhaps, eventually beyond.

Square Peg, Round Hole?

Some in Connecticut question wisdom of the governor's plan to merge the state's technical high school and community college systems.


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