If There's a Will

If departments want black science, math and engineering students to become faculty members, they should have mentors who want close relationships with them, according to a recent study from the University of California at Berkeley.

Keeping a Secret, Paying a Price

A dean of students faces prosecution for not telling police officers about rape accusations.

Free For All

With expanded federal funding for embryonic stem cell research off the table, institutions are finding their own way.

Heat Wave Heralds Climate Scientists

Record temperatures send the news media and the public in search of global warming answers.

State Spending Continues to Climb

Appropriations for higher education rose in virtually all states, with only New Jersey and Montana showing declines.

A U.S. News Effect on College Funding?

Academic paper finds that public universities included in the annual rankings saw an increase in state appropriations.

Largess for Louisiana's Colleges

Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco on Thursday proposed pouring more than $200 million in new funds into the state's public higher education system in 2008, part of what she called "the single largest increased investment in education in Louisiana's recent history."

Great(er) Expectations

New report shows increases in number of states aligning high school and college curriculums and raising standards.

'College Prep' Without 'College' or 'Prep'

The various reports calling for more rigorous high school preparation tend to be based on a few underlying assumptions, one of them being a strong positive correlation between completing a core college preparatory curriculum and college/workplace success.

Florida Tuition Hikes Vetoed

Governor nixes plan to give research universities power to increase historically low rates, and freezes rates statewide.


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