A Haven No Longer

Although Alabama legislators rebuffed attempts to toughen enforcement of for-profit colleges, state officials take string of actions to crack down on unaccredited colleges.

When State Oversight Ceases

Temporary law providing some measure of supervision of California's for-profit colleges expires. The search for a new regulatory system is still stalled.

States as Study Destinations

Hawaii is sunny and serious. Iowa has four seasons and is more diverse than you think. Recruiting messages for international students reflect states, not institutions.

What Works for the Needy

Analysis of which financial aid programs most help low-income students says that simplicity often trumps targeting and finds promise in aid tied to academic performance and support services.

Insult to Injury

Wounded already by budget cuts, 26 states are wrestling with midyear shortfalls that often require quick and undesirable solutions.

Tuition Tax Off the Table

As universities offer contributions to city, Pittsburgh's mayor drops plan that outraged students and higher ed leaders.

Potential Boon for California Higher Ed

As colleges' plead for help, governor proposes constitutional amendment to ensure public universities get at least 10 percent of state funds. Plan is a long shot, but a symbolic boost.

Governors Push College Completion

President Obama has used his bully pulpit to focus attention on the "college completion" agenda like no one else can. But if the United States is actually going to make meaningful progress on increasing the number of Americans with college credentials, it's going to be up to the states -- whose public institutions enroll roughly four of every five students -- to get the job done. And systemic change in the states will occur only if their chief executives -- governors -- get with the program.

The Role of the Regions

MINNEAPOLIS -- If the United States is to have even an outside chance of reaching the goal that President Obama has set for college completion -- and heck, many people are still talking as though that's feasible, despite what seem like impossibly long odds -- it will take enormous work, and it's not entirely clear who will lead.

Shift in the Statehouses

Republican gains among governors could heighten budgetary challenges for public colleges and their students; Ohio's reforms threatened.


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