Student journalism

The Fight for Students' Minds

Liberals are tired of getting their hats handed to them -- and not just in presidential elections, either.

Today, Campus Progress, which is backed by the Center for American Progress, a Washington think tank, opens a campaign to try to win back to liberalism the hearts and minds of American college students.

The End of Newsroom Democracy

The student body now elects the editor of The Daily Texan. A pending change troubles some selected in the past.

An Adult Revenue Stream

Students at a community college in Los Angeles want to know why a division of Playboy was allowed to shoot a video on their institution's baseball field. The answer? $5,000.

Columbia Rethinks Journalism Education

Three years after president questioned its role, university announces a new approach to the field -- while keeping existing program.

Reversal at 'Daily Texan'

The Daily Texan will remain unique for at least a little while longer.

The University of Texas at Austin student newspaper is believed to be the only such publication where the student body elects the editor, right alongside student government leaders, in a vote each spring.

Cutting Budgets, Silencing Students

2 community colleges eliminate their newspapers, and much is lost.

Court Upholds Firing for 'Content'

A federal judge has dismissed a journalism professor's lawsuit charging that administrators at Kansas State University fired him as adviser of the Kansas State Collegian because they were unhappy with the student newspaper's content.

Clashing Over Content and Conduct

At 2 community colleges, student editors and administrators try to work out their differences, with mixed success.

Colleges Can Censor, Too

A U.S. appeals court extends to higher education a 1988 Supreme Court ruling that let high schools review student content.

The Hot Seat

Is a teacher getting canned for helping the student paper be a watchdog?


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