Student journalism

Negotiated Freedom of the Press

In compromise, Saint Louis U. administrators soften aggressive plan to take control of student newspaper.

Loss for the Student Press

When editors of campus papers graduate, their First Amendment suits become moot, appeals court rules.

New Media Meets Campus Media

Researchers find that college media outlets lag behind industry in adjusting to journalism's changing climate.

Defining Free Expression

As Tufts president vows to offer First Amendment protections like those at public institutions, some say ruling in student magazine case shows a contradiction.

Anonymity (Almost) Guaranteed

A request for records from Ohio University's online fraud reporting hotline causes officials to suspend the system, fearing violations of privacy.

When a Cartoon Causes Pain

Controversial image causes a retraction and an apology from University of Virginia's student newspaper, but underlying racial tensions remain.

The Alternative Student Press

An increasing number of online-only publications are changing what it means to be a college journalist.

Stumbling Upon Secure Data

Journalism adviser at Western Oregon University loses her job for how student newspaper staffers responded after finding file full of Social Security numbers -- on a public server.

New Furor Over Race and Cartoons

Kentucky student journalists apologize for slave auction imagery that was designed to comment on efforts to end segregation of Greek system.

Student Journalism at Religious Colleges

At a national convention on college media, panelists discuss the relationship between administrators and student reporters at church-related colleges.


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