Student journalism

Caught in the Web

Disputes between administrators and student publications at 2 universities reveal some of the journalistic tensions wrought by the Internet era.

At One University, Clashing Endorsements

The Daily Pennsylvanian does something unusual for a college paper: It endorses Clinton. Meanwhile, Philly-area student leaders sign a joint letter supporting Obama.

Above the Law?

U. of California asserts that it would not comply with legislation protecting student newspaper advisers from firings over content disputes. Is it allowed to pick and choose which state laws to follow?

College Papers May Have New Competitor: Their Web Site Host

Some campus editors and advisors are worried that the dominant hosting service is launching a series of Web sites aimed at a particular set of readers -- their own.

Print Journalism Squeeze Hits Campuses

As newspapers across the country face declining revenues, student publications are feeling the brunt, too.

Freedom From the Press?

U. of Nebraska-Lincoln denies student newspaper direct access to administrators following reporters' numerous Freedom of Information Act requests.

'Sexual Depravity,' Student Fees and the Student Press

The column, “Sexual Depravity,” was, by most people’s standards, pretty offensive (and if you think it might offend you, you might consider skipping the next paragraph).

The Press and Morgan State U.

National journalism group censures university for ending employment of student paper adviser, saying she was punished for protecting students' rights to free expression.

Reviving Local News

Berkeley's j-school joins a new project that aims to save the industry -- but, to the dismay of some journalists, depends on students' unpaid labor.

Decoding Social Media Mysteries

Hanson Hosein wants to lead you on an expedition into uncharted territory. It will be expensive, and even your guides will not always know exactly where you are going. But if you can come out with a better understanding of the lawless and sometimes hazardous terrain, the returns will be well worth the investment.


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