Student life

Parking lot Wi-Fi is a way of life for many students

Using Wi-Fi ready college parking lots is now a way of life for students with limited or no internet access.

Universities store student items left in dorms over the summer

Colleges are clearing out student dorms to make room for patients and health-care workers as the coronavirus pandemic overwhelms hospitals. The process has not gone smoothly for students.

Some students do feel political pressure from their professors, but few change their views

Some students do feel political pressure from their professors, but few change their views.

MLK Day post turns public attention to Montana


A writing contest held at the University of Montana to honor MLK and encourage multi-racial dialogue went awry. Instead of helping bridge racial divides among students, it amplified them.

Some colleges report possible coronavirus cases; experts emphasize importance of planning

Students at several U.S. universities are tested for possible cases of a novel coronavirus. Experts weigh in on how colleges can prepare for the virus.

Catholic colleges develop apps for natural family planning

Two Catholic colleges, Georgetown University and Marquette University, have been helping to create apps for natural family planning.

Georgia Southern student promotes white supremacist theory in class

Georgia Southern freshman promotes white supremacist ideology in a class presentation. The university says the presentation falls within his free speech rights. Now students of color say they feel unsafe because of his protected speech.

Addressing food insecurity through social enterprise

Los Angeles-based Everytable takes on campus food insecurity with healthy meals, SmartFridges and donations.

Supreme Court hears arguments on DACA


Court considers whether the Trump administration lawfully ended a program that provides deportation relief and work authorization to hundreds of thousands of undocumented young people, including many college students.

Students across the country faced voting barriers on Election Day

Efforts to suppress -- and protect -- the rights of student voters grow as they become a more influential bloc. Whether they voted in local elections or cast ballots on statewide issues, the elections last week showed the stakes are high.


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