Student life

Students continue to be stressed about college, their futures

A new survey about student experiences during the fall semester and the coronavirus pandemic found that stress, anxiety and loneliness were their overriding concern. The data are representative of the real-life challenges and uncertainty that students say they face.

Successful and popular Fresno State policy debate coach reassigned

After the coach of the nationally acclaimed debate team at California State University, Fresno, was unexpectedly reassigned last fall, members of the team quit in protest. Coaches at other colleges and leaders of national debate organizations have come to his defense.

Teletherapy platforms extend reach of college counseling centers

College counseling centers are increasingly relying on platforms that provide virtual therapy services to continue helping students cope with mental health issues during the pandemic and beyond.

Experts warn against closing residence halls, but some say it's not that simple

Top federal health experts worry colleges will spread coronavirus if they send students home, but keeping residence halls open poses its own dangers.

Colleges want professors to stay mum on student COVID-19 cases

When it comes to their students testing positive for COVID-19, professors say they have a right to know and share the information how they deem appropriate. Colleges want to keep those cases close to the vest.

Teaching this fall is not 'glorified Skype'


Faculty members say they’re working harder than ever to meet students’ needs through remote instruction, even if critics of the model don’t know it.

College COVID strategies don't adequately address typical student behavior

As more colleges threaten punishment for risky student behavior that can spread the coronavirus, experts suggest either providing students alternatives for safe social interactions or keeping campuses closed.

Student affairs staff challenged by pandemic demands

Lower-level student affairs staff concerned about their safety and their livelihoods are reluctant to speak out as COVID-19 cases surge on college campuses.

Survey finds higher prevalence of depression among students and difficulties accessing mental health care during pandemic

A new survey found students had difficulty accessing mental health care and experienced higher rates of depression after the pandemic began, prompting calls for a broad response from colleges.

Parking lot Wi-Fi is a way of life for many students

Using Wi-Fi ready college parking lots is now a way of life for students with limited or no internet access.


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