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Experts say new 'Jansporting' trend is dangerous

Health experts are criticizing a new trend in college drinking -- “Jansporting,” where students try to force a drinker to sit upright to avoid choking on vomit.

Arizona State opens new dormitory just for engineering majors

Arizona State unveils its new dormitory designed just for engineering majors, an unusual concept in residence life.

Experts question validity of survey on students and the First Amendment

Survey that attracted attention with its findings on student attitudes on First Amendment and violence turns out to have been opt-in, leading experts to criticize it as, in the words of one, “junk science.”

Student's clothing line blasts police brutality, and a conservative lawmaker seeks 'accountability'

A University of Wisconsin student’s provocative clothing line blasts police brutality, and a conservative state lawmaker seeks “accountability.”

Ohio University's new free-expression policy bars indoor protests

Ohio University rushed through a policy that bans all indoor protests, but vehement campus criticism may lead to changes.

Could college messaging app Islands be the new Yik Yak?

Islands app gains traction as it expands base of colleges. Its founder says he learned from the controversial (and defunct) Yik Yak, but the new app gives users ability to post anonymously -- a trait many believe was at the root of why Yik Yak caused so many problems on campuses.

Maryland law requires colleges to educate on dangers of opioids

New Maryland law raises question: Can prevention and education programs be effective measures for stemming the opioid crisis?

New report ranks colleges by due process protections

New report from FIRE says many colleges’ disciplinary systems deny students due process.

Students drive from North Carolina to Texas to aid those stranded by Harvey

Students from Western Carolina University’s Bass Fishing Club drove nearly 900 miles, boats in tow, to rescue Texans stranded by Harvey’s floodwaters.

New Stanford study suggests freshmen can pick friends based on needs

A new Stanford study suggests first-year students can judge who will help them have fun and who can be a shoulder to cry on.


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