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White men alienated in higher ed workplace, survey suggests


In survey of experiences of student affairs professionals, a surprising trend emerges: the alienation of straight white men.

Age change for Mormon missionaries means financial and cultural changes for Utah institutions

A lowered age of eligibility for Mormon missionaries is likely to ripple through higher education, pressuring the finances of LDS-heavy institutions and reshaping undergraduate culture for those of the faith. 

Finances affected this year's entering class in educational and personal ways, CIRP survey finds

Financial concerns affected this year's freshmen in everything from the selection of a college to their personal goals, and the stress is only growing, an annual survey of first-year students found.

Study finds increased risk of sexual assault on study abroad

New preliminary research suggests that the risk of sexual assault for female undergraduates increases during study abroad.

Finances affect students academically, NSSE 2012 finds

Finances are affecting students' academic experience, with ability to get a job as a big factor in deciding on a major, according to this year's National Survey of Student Engagement.

Thiel Fellowships don't require students to drop out

A new fellowship has attracted considerable attention for its claim that it pays students $100,000 to skip college, but some of the winners want to earn degrees -- and the program lets them do it.

Racism defines post-election student protests at Mississippi, Hampden-Sydney


Amid the 50th anniversary celebration of racial integration on campus, a post-election student protest at Mississippi is marred by racism. It isn't the only one.

Tensions simmer between American and international students

Recent incidents bring to light the problem of discrimination against international students.

University of Chicago drops swim, fitness tests and PE requirement

In dropping phys ed requirements, University of Chicago becomes latest institution to cut fitness and swim tests, the latter of which was required for graduation.

New book criticizes culture of sex at Yale

Recent graduate's book takes on what he sees as hedonistic and irresponsible culture on campus.


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