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A Venturesome Community College

IRS ruling that 2-year institution can give seed money to startups could encourage more campus business incubators.

Rooms to Rent (Tax Free)

IRS ruling suggests broader ability of colleges to lease dorm rooms to visitors without paying taxes on the revenue.

How the Financial Aid Flows

Annual federal study for first time documents impact of tax breaks for college costs, which are larger for the wealthy than for the poor.

Turning Blue from College Costs

A partisan pollster said that young voters think Democrats can better confront the college affordability crunch.

Surprising Shift for Senate Tax Panel

Finance Committee plans hearing -- but on link between tax breaks and rising tuition, not college  governance or pay.

Tuition Tax Break Extended

109th Congress's final bill renews tax deduction for college expenses through 2007.

Big Legal Victory for Teaching Hospitals

Federal appeals panel vacates lower court's ruling that medical residents (and their institutions) must pay Social Security taxes.

'Open the Blinds'

The leaders of the Senate Finance Committee have urged the U.S. treasury secretary to change the federal tax form that many tax-exempt entities file each year, with the goal of ramping up scrutiny of the complex financial operations of private nonprofit colleges and hospitals. The letter from Sens. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) offers some new insights -- worrisome to college tax experts -- into the senators' interest in the possibility of penalizing institutions that are perceived as spending too small a proportion of their endowment assets.

IRS Draws Lines for Political Advocacy

As campaign gears up, agency guides colleges and other nonprofits on avoiding inappropriate interaction with candidates and voters.

Universities Get Relief on Bond Rules

New IRS guidelines ease limits on federally sponsored research that institutions can conduct in facilities built with tax-exempt bonds.


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