Teacher education

Raising the Bar on Teacher Ed

Teacher education accreditor revises standards, and also says institutions must move beyond merely "acceptable" levels.

'Knowledge in the Blood'

For a long time, Jonathan Jansen lived between two worlds. As the first black dean of education at South Africa's highly conservative and marginally integrated University of Pretoria, the scholar writes that he gravitated between two different cultures, embracing and disengaging from his black identity and white colleagues. Charged with the task of helping the university to integrate, Jansen worked with both students and faculty to overcome their fears and racist tendencies.

Evaluating Teacher Ed

Many new teachers feel prepared for their jobs and intend to stick around, but still seek training in areas such as teaching non-native English speakers, new study says.

An Experiment Takes Off

U. of Southern California's online master's in teaching, designed to "scale up" the production of instructors, enrolls 450 students in first 6 months -- more than four times the number in its on-campus program.

Mediocre? Not Us!

Education secretary's sharp critique of teacher ed leaves many programs saying he's right, just not about their campuses.

Teachers as Students

Connecticut's Saint Joseph College is home to a rare program aimed at teaching educators about autism.

Making Teaching a Profession

Accreditor of education colleges could look toward medicine, nursing to find a new model for teaching.

Reforming Teacher Ed

Prominent voices look to in-the-classroom residencies and colleges of education to reshape how teachers are taught to teach.

Seeking Better Data on Teacher Prep

WASHINGTON – Associations, accreditors and scholars have issued report after report proposing ways to improve teacher preparation, but a high-profile federal study released Thursday urges the U.S.

Avatars to Teach the Teachers

Monique, the eager-to-please girl with the chirpy alto, is raising her hand again. But I’m more interested in drawing Maria -- who hides in the back row and avoids eye contact -- out of her shell.

“She don’t wanna talk to you, man,” says Marcus, confidently flip as usual. “She don’t talk to anybody.”

Vince, the pallid kid with dark hair who sits at Marcus’s left, chuckles -- just like he did earlier when Marcus told me he “found” the Mercedes-Benz hood ornament, now draped around his neck, “in the parking lot.”


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