Professor resigns after criticizing protesters and another faces calls for his termination


Professor resigns after criticizing protesters, and another faces calls for his termination. What's a better way to respond to national protests and students' concerns about them?

Academics called to help interpret, guide national response to police violence and related civil unrest

Academics are called to help interpret and guide a national response to police violence and related civil unrest.

How a new, one-person teaching center is navigating a moment of peril and opportunity

A professor put in charge of her campus's tiny teaching center in the midst of the pandemic discusses the problems and potential of tapping in to fellow faculty members' newfound thirst to get better.

Will active learning be possible if colleges have physically distanced classrooms this fall?

Advocates for active learning worry that their favored approach will be hard to pull off in physically distanced classrooms -- and that instructors will revert to the straightforward lecture.

New resources to help support faculty with quality online instruction

Anticipating continued remote instruction this fall, nonprofits, ed-tech companies and institutions race to provide faculty with the resources and training they need to teach well online.

The student view of this spring's shift to remote learning

A professor's in-depth survey of students before and after courses went virtual offers insights into how colleges can improve. The key elements: a thoughtful mix of flexibility and structure.

One option for delivering instruction if campuses open this fall: HyFlex

The HyFlex course model is getting buzz as one way colleges could educate students if their campuses are open but physical distancing remains. A panel of experts discusses the pros and cons.

Online proctoring is surging during COVID-19

Is the fight against cheating during remote instruction worth enlisting third-party student surveillance platforms?

Instructors describe impact of shift to remote on colleges on the quarter system, plus other topics

Readers share "feasible" ideas for a fall instructional model with students on campus but physically distancing. And the particular challenges this spring for instructors and students at institutions that use the quarter system rather than semesters.

Plans for fall assume professors will be willing to teach. Will they?

Faculty members concerned about health and safety want a say in the conditions under which they'll be working if they are expected to teach in person next fall.


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