Elevating the Great Books Anew

Author of Education's End explains his critique of the standard college curriculum and what he would do about it.

The State of Alternative Teacher Certification

Group dubious of education schools’ quality and motives says they have hijacked an important reform movement, but a research group's president disagrees.

Office Hours: Coming to a Computer Near You

The days of coming in to see the professor aren't over, but some courses at traditional colleges are experimenting with virtual office hours and help in real time.

Docking a Grade for Skirting the Rules?

Responding to student pressure, the College of Business at Illinois State keeps its business-casual requirement but lessens consequences for violations.

The Platonic Ideal of Perfection

A philosophy professor at McGill University requires a perfect score to continue class on Plato -- and students complain. Prisoners chained in a cave?

Training the Future Nursing Faculty

U. of Iowa's nursing college shifts emphasis away from undergraduates and toward students who can soon enter the teaching ranks.

Looking Back on 60 Years in Academe

Retired philosopher and Pittsburgh provost Rudolph Weingartner's book examines liberal education, the life of the student and the nature of teaching.

How to Deal ... With Life

Vice is alive and well in the dorm. Now a group originating at Harvard Law School seeks to bring it into the teaching realm. Is poker a winning academic bet?

Interdisciplinarity and the Science Classroom

Academic officers discuss what it means to think about science as a liberal arts subject.

When Wikipedia Is the Assignment

A professor and a technology specialist discuss their attempt to bring term papers out into the open with the resource many faculty members abhor.


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